Alone For The Holiday

Happy Independence Day! I am sitting in my living room watching the news, reading Facebook and drinking my morning cup of joe.  It has been a good weekend!  I shared dinner with my good friend and her husband Friday night.  Saturday was spent cleaning my garage.  Sunday morning was spent worshiping and then finishing upContinue reading “Alone For The Holiday”

Thoughts on love…

Sometimes it seems as if love is elusive – a ‘feeling’ which is held just beyond reach.

To Be Real – January 13, 2010

Here is To Be Real’s archived show on 1/13/10.  In our first hour, Amy and I answered some reader’s questions regarding last week’s show on childhood sexual abuse.  (This show is archived, too.)  The last hour was focused on answering reader’s questions on relationships, parenting and setting boundaries with our children.  Good stuff…good conversation…good questions! Continue reading “To Be Real – January 13, 2010”

Managing Holiday Stress

“Make sure you are bringing your loving self to every relationship (even with strangers) this holiday season.”

Living Together In Harmony

“How wonderful and pleasant it is when brothers live together in harmony!”  Psalm 133:1 I love this verse from Psalm133.  I feel uplifted just reading it.  When I spend time thinking about it, my heart is filled with hope and joy.  It is a wonderful and pleasant thought to think of us all living in harmony!  Merriam-Webster definesContinue reading “Living Together In Harmony”

Thoughts From a Reader…

“I wandered around in your Blog page and was utterly stunned about the woman’s abuse story.  As I’m reading the Shack right now I find her asking such a familiar question about why me? but as the book suggests an answer:  We are living in a broken world with broken people.  One wonders why ifContinue reading “Thoughts From a Reader…”

How to Get Someone to Love You?

“If you want love in your life then you have to get over yourself and start looking at what you need to be for love to exist.”

Am I Co-Dependent?

“One of the most commonly identifiable behaviors/attitudes in co-dependency is that of trying to control our environment (namely relationships) to satisfy our deep need of wanting to be loved.”

What Is Co-Dependency?

Co-dependency is an increasingly popular and often times misunderstood term. It’s use originated to help health care professionals describe the behavior patterns of those individuals or families involved in relationships with people addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. It has been commonly used to describe the “walking on eggshells” behavior pattern of people in those dysfunctional relationships.Continue reading “What Is Co-Dependency?”