I am passionate about bringing a venue of safety and security to those who want to share their life stories.   “Survivor’s Stories” is a forum that provides you an opportunity to share your story as a trauma survivor with others.  You are invited to share (anonymously if you desire) via this blog page, as it is a secure and a safe place to explore the journey of telling your story.

Survivors of any trauma (abuse, neglect, natural disasters, assaults, accidents, abandonment, terrorist acts, etc.) are invited to contact me personally, jackie@grownewhope.com to share their personal story of survival. 

Comments from readers will all be reviewed and approved by me before posting to the page.  At all times, this page will be safe and only used for support and encouragement of the brave men and women who choose to share their narratives.

Congratulations, in advance, for your courage to address the hurts experienced through trauma and your bravery in sharing your story.