Blogging is an interesting venue of communication that I am eagerly and anxiously ready to explore.  Being new to this, I beg your indulgence and patience as I share thoughts, ideas and theories regarding building and sustaining healthy relationships.  Bringing life and adventure into living and relationships is a challenge and passion of mine that I look forward to sharing with you…one step at a time.

As part of this journey, I will be touching upon topics that have brought or are bringing trouble or destruction to relationships.  Sometimes, to better understand where we need to go in life, it is important that we understand where we’ve been.  These discussions will focus on story telling and bringing some sort of resolution to the story…for often times it is the lack of closure that causes us hesitation in moving forward in our relationships.

I believe it is important that what I bring to the relationship table of this blog is important.  You need to know me before you will feel comfortable sharing your own thoughts or stories.  Being genuine and real is a priority in good relationships, so today I will begin at this point.  Who is Jacquelyne?

To begin, it is imortant that you know that I am a Christian and I cherish my personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  I am not ashamed of my faith but neither do I wear my faith as a badge of honor or a measure of judgement.  My faith is central in defining my belief in love and relationships.

As a result of my conviction to Christ, I believe that it is most important for me to walk the talk rather than just talking it!  I believe that my faith and love for Jesus is central in defining my values and it sets the course for my life goals and relationships.  I believe my inspiration and work is guided by God’s love and direction.  I am nothing without Him as my center and I try to humbly serve as I am able, whenever I am called.  I embrace the grace God gifts to me in spite of myself and I further believe that I am responsible to do the same in love with everyone else. 

Christ set for us a perfect example of how to build healthy relationships and His model is fundamental in our personal quest.  Love is patience, kindness, compassion, and gentleness and they are central in how all people desire to be treated…including me.  As a result, I appreciate the importance of living these values and bringing them to the table of relationships.  If I long for these in my life, then I hold myself responsible to offer them to others first.

Living a life of love is central in our journey for happiness and satisfaction – and it is critical that we understand that love is an action word – a verb.  It is a way of living that exists with no judgement attached and a heart of being willing to give without necessarily receiving anything in return.  This is not to say that we should allow ourselves to be taken advantage of in our relationships, but a servant and giving heart is needed to experience full joy in relationships.  (The balance between these two points will be discussed in further detail as we move forward in future posts and discussions.)

As we proceed on this journey of discovery, I invite you to share your thoughts, ideas and questions with me.  It is an exciting topic and one that touches everyones’ heart.  We have been created to be in relationships, so let’s learn to do it in the best way we can.  Join me as we journey on the path of discovery and joy in relationships.  It will be a fun and exciting ride!