Abuse As Told by Survivor #1

“What does abuse do to a person? Well, abuse turns your whole world upside down. You don’t trust anything you do, feel, think, or act upon.”

Growing Beyond Co-Dependency

“The best we can hope for and actually what we should be striving toward, is being true to who we are in our hearts. That doesn’t mean to be blindly accepting of our behaviors (both good and bad). But rather to live true to our values, skills, personality, and all those gifts that enrich our personhood. We need to discover, learn and grow in who we are.”

To Know and Be Known

God created us to be in healthy and happy relationships.  On the most basic, human level He made us with a hunger to be known and to know others.  Each and everyone of us to some degree longs to share our hearts with others.  We desire someone or someones who want to know us emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.  Then,Continue reading “To Know and Be Known”

Shall we begin?

“Living a life of love is central in our journey for happiness and satisfaction – and it is critical that we understand that love is an action word – a verb.”