Childhood Sexual Abuse Information

Services 1.  A child advocacy center can guide you. To find a center near you, contact National Children’s Alliance at or call 1-800-239-9950. 2.  Darkness to Light 3.  Child Molestation Research and Prevention Institute 4.  Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault 5.  Services for Survivors in Iowa – a list of agenciesContinue reading “Childhood Sexual Abuse Information”

Coming Home

I have found myself wondering throughout the years, about my sons and their wanting to come home to spend time with me.   I need to be careful here.  When I say, “home” I mean where I am – their homes are in Iowa City now – not West Des Moines.  But, as Bradley lovingly stated when heContinue reading “Coming Home”

God does provide…

Good morning and Merry Christmas.  I received an email from a client who was struggling with many of the hurts that holiday expectations can bring to the surface.  She asked if I had any words of encouragement for her before Christmas arrived…any thoughts that I could share that might help her get through the holidayContinue reading “God does provide…”

Managing Holiday Stress

“Make sure you are bringing your loving self to every relationship (even with strangers) this holiday season.”


God’s unconditional love defines you and His grace, through the death and resurrection of Jesus, allows your repentant heart to be “good enough” in spite of your brokenness.

A Story to Share

I am passionate about bringing a venue of safety and security to those who want to share their life stories.   “Survivor’s Stories” is a forum that provides you an opportunity to share your story as a trauma survivor with others.  You are invited to share (anonymously if you desire) via this blog page, as it is a secureContinue reading “A Story to Share”

Inspirational Links

Tyler Perry Today I was introduced to two remarkable people.  Tyler Perry tells his story of childhood abuse through is website, I was moved by his story and his bravery.  I was also moved by his faith and inspiration.  What a remarkable story of survival and thriving! Jennifer Schuett The second story I wasContinue reading “Inspirational Links”