To Be Real – show ends

After prayerful contemplation and consideration, I am writing to wish a fond goodbye to our show, To Be Real.  Being part of the Des Moines Local Live family has been a wonderful opportunity and a fabulous journey.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with my fabulous and gorgeous co-hosts, Amy Main and MonaContinue reading “To Be Real – show ends”

Steps to Forgiveness

Forgiveness is often times a difficult task for people to accomplish.  With his work on how to forgive, Dr. Fredric Luskin has defined nine steps to help you with your journey of forgiveness.  His website also shares other insight on the concept of forgiveness and how to let go of hurt and pain.  I pray thisContinue reading “Steps to Forgiveness”

Who Am I?

As you journey on the path of learning about your self-identity, it is critical that you focus on how God sees you.  If left to the world’s definition of who you are, you will always fall short.  But instead of the world’s definition you instead focus on the truth – your identity as God has defined you – then you will learn more about God and learnContinue reading “Who Am I?”

Abuse as told by Survivor #7

A Note from Jackie Here is the story of a journey of fear, growth and faith.  The survivor tells of struggles, temptations, hurts and fears that many often face in the shadow of difficult relationships with our parents or significant adults.  This story is no different.  As I read through the story, my heart wasContinue reading “Abuse as told by Survivor #7”

To Be Real – January 13, 2010

Here is To Be Real’s archived show on 1/13/10.  In our first hour, Amy and I answered some reader’s questions regarding last week’s show on childhood sexual abuse.  (This show is archived, too.)  The last hour was focused on answering reader’s questions on relationships, parenting and setting boundaries with our children.  Good stuff…good conversation…good questions! Continue reading “To Be Real – January 13, 2010”