“I wandered around in your Blog page and was utterly stunned about the woman’s abuse story.  As I’m reading the Shack right now I find her asking such a familiar question about why me? but as the book suggests an answer:  We are living in a broken world with broken people.  One wonders why if ‘it’ has to happen then why didn’t he stop it?  Ultimately we have a promise and refuge in Him and we have to know all that brokenness disappears when we go to our final home.  She might want to read that as I’m finding it very reassuring and safe to question.”

The above was emailed to me yesterday and I wanted to share the author’s thoughts with you all. 

I also read The Shack with similar thoughts as this author.   Have any of you read The Shack?  What were your thoughts and/or questions as you read?  Were there any areas of the book where you found yourself engulfed in anger?  Sadness?  Happiness?  Hopefulness?  How did you feel about God’s view of the abuser?  How did you feel about God’s love and compassion? 

The theme in the book that grabbed and held my heart was when God repeatedly states, “I’m especially fond of that one.”  To think that God can embrace me, in spite of myself fills me with such peace and joy.  How do you feel when thinking about the fact that He affords the same love towards you?