Oftentimes, people are left feeling helpless in the quest for happiness and life satisfaction.  Life sometimes happens in painful or hurtful ways.  Veering us onto a detour that seems to lead away from everything we’ve wanted or dreamed of having in life.  It can sometimes seem hopeless and we can sometimes feel helpless in moving forward in living a satisfying life.

So, how can you get back on track?  How can you clear away the muck that life throws your way so that you may be able to enjoy a more satisfying and love-filled life?

It would be a mistake to think that you can achieve anything on your own merits, your own strength or your own perseverance.  You may be strong and tenacious.  But only through the power of the Holy Spirit in your heart can you experience the grace needed to move through a life full of adversity – and still experience the joy and heartfelt happiness for which we all hunger.

You cannot be a victim of your circumstances when God fills your heart.  You cannot be a victim of others when the love of Christ Jesus washes you with God’s promise and peace.  To experience God in this imperfect world is but a foretaste of all wonderful dreams coming true.  It is as close to happiness as anyone can wish to get this side of Heaven.

“Our passion for God must be awakened till it becomes the controlling center of our life.”  Larry Crabb – Soul Talk

Can you let go of your selfish need to control the circumstances of your life and give control completely over to God?

Thoughts for journaling…

Tell me about the most wonderful dream you have for your life.  What do you want for your life, more than anything else?  What is the most important goal or dream you have for you?  Tell me about what that dream looks like.  I want details and examples of what your life would be like if your dream came true – just as you want it.

Next, I want you to tell me what stands in the way of your dream becoming your reality.  What things, people, situations, etc. are getting in the way of you living your dream?  Of those things, what do you not have any control over that seem to be standing in your way?  What people are you waiting for that haven’t jumped on board with your dream and where you want to be?  What do you need from these people or things that you aren’t getting?

Now, I want you to look deep within your heart and feel the presence of the Holy Spirit.  What things are within The Holy Spirit’s power that could help your dream come true?  What do you have – deep in your heart – that you could use to make your life feel more fullfilling or happy?   What things would you need to change in order for your special dream to become your special reality?  What things and people have you given your personal power to, leaving you feeling as if they hold the key to your dream?  (If you are stuck, look at the above paragraph!)

Over what parts of your dream do you need to give up control?  Those parts of your dream to which you’re holding on so tightly that you are afraid to loosen your grip?

It is said that Thomas Aquinas believed that we have two options open to us in how to live our lives.   We can either live to get the good we think we need or we can live to enjoy the good we’ve already been given.  How do Thomas Aquinas’s words reflect on your efforts in achieving a happy life?  Are you moving forward longing for the things you think you want, or rather with a heart filled with The Holy Spirit’s power, grace and love which will guide and help you define what it is that you truely need to be happy?

Pray on this…how can you take back that power that is yours through Christ Jesus?  Right here and right now?