There are some things you can bring to your day to make sure you start off on the right foot.  Life can seem tough enough at times, so anything you can do to ensure that you stand a good chance of enjoying your day is important.  Here are 10 recommendations that just might help you in your quest for daily happiness.


1.    Meditation/Prayer –

Start your day out right.  Get up 30-60 minutes  early and spend some time in meditation and prayer.  Usually, after the day starts, there never seems to be time for yourself to be still.  So…make the time.  What a great way to begin your day!


2.   Eat a Healthy Breakfast –

Your body needs fuel and it has just spent a number of hours fasting while you were sleeping – so give it something healthy.  Research shows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day – so take care to start your day out right! 


3.   Decide What Kind of Day You Want Yours to Be –

There are some things within your control.  Your attitude is one of them.  You don’t have control over a lot that happens throughout the day, but you always have control over your outlook and how you are going to choose to face the situations that come up throughout the day.  Decide from the moment you begin your day how you want your day to progress. Exercise the focus of choosing positive actions and you may be surprised how it helps you manage your stress level.


4.   Make the Most of Your Day and What You Do –

If you really think about it, how often do you go through your daily routine without much concern about doing your best?  I don’t mean worrying about pleasing people.  I mean giving your day (your job, your relationships, your studies, your exercise, your diet…) your full attention and the best you can give.  Strive to bring the best ‘you’ to the table in all you do.


5.   Pace Yourself –

 Try to plan your day before you begin.  This will help you reserve some of your energy for those high-energy zapping activities that are scheduled for later in the day.  If you use up all of your energy early in the day, you will have a long afternoon/evening!  (Remember some emotions are natural energy zappers that you may want to table until you have time to evaluate them more effectively – anger, frustration, irritation, fear, hurt, etc. – be on the lookout for those emotions at a time you may need your energy for something more important.)


6.   Be a Person of Integrity –

Make sure you are walking your talk!  When other people can count on you, it will make a difference.  Make sure your words match your actions and that you are living true to your core values.  People will see and feel this and the more they trust you the more real they will potentially be towards you.  Living a life of integrity will get you far in enjoying a good sense of self.


7.   You Are Always On Stage –

It will help you live a life full of integrity when you remember that people are always watching you and listening to you.  How you live your life and treat other people is like your own personal walking billboard advertisement.  When you keep this fact in mind, it is easier to remember to walk your talk.   People are paying attention!


8.   Exercise Empathy –

You do not know what it is like to be someone else.  No matter how hard you try to understand, unless you have walked in their shoes you can’t know what it is like to be him/her.  But…it is important to try.  If you extend yourself to others, energy zapping emotions will often times not find their roots in your heart.  Try looking at things and situations through the lenses of the other person’s life – compassion is a powerful tool.


9.   Look into the Reflection of Your Relationships –

What are other people telling you?  Are you paying attention?  Do you like the ‘You’ that you see in that reflection?  Sometimes constructive criticism is hard to take, but it can also be just what you need to hear so you can grow and become a better person/spouse/co-worker/parent/friend/neighbor…  Watch for nonverbal language as well as listening for actual words.  (Caution is noted here as you want to make sure you are carefully considering the source of information.  You need to make sure the source is safe, trusted and a person of integrity themselves.  Consider the Source!)


10.   Filter Out Negativity –

Be sensitive to the negative messages and energy you are getting from your daily intake of reading, watching or listening.  How much of your day is spent hearing or reading negative news or stories?  How much crime drama or tragic drama is part of your daily television viewing?  How many of your daily personal contacts are always complaining or being negative?  Negativity is an energy zapper.  Life often times is tough enough without bringing more stress or drama into our daily intake of popular media or conversations.  Remember, laughter is the best medicine – so medicate carefully!