I believe that God created women to build relationships.  Although relationships are important to men, they are often times central to a woman’s life.  To many woman, relationships are sometimes the most important things in life.  As a result, Mother’s Day can be a difficult day for many women.

For some, their mother is no longer here.  The grief of loosing your mom and longing for that close friend to be here again can feel overwhelming.  Mother’s day is just another reminder of their precious loss.

For others, they experience a grief over the loss of the mother they always needed but never had.  There are women who were given the gift of children and yet they didn’t know what to do with them.  Because of abuse or neglect, children look at Mother’s Day as a time of grief because they have no-one to celebrate.

Some mother’s have endured the loss of a child through death.  Many will describe the death of a child as one of the greatest losses a person can experience.  Mother’s Day can be a reminder of such a great loss.

Other women find Mother’s Day reminding them of the children they always wanted to mother but never had a chance.  There is grief over the loss of an opportunity to mother and love a child.  Childlessness can be a unique sense of loss that resurfaces on Mother’s Day leaving a heart feeling broken and filled with anguish.

There are also those who grieve an estranged relationship with their mother or their children.  Broken relationships can also cause an overwhelming sense of grief.  Knowing that their loved one is just beyond reach brings a sense of sadness on Mother’s Day that others may not recognize.

On a day created for celebrating motherhood, let’s remember all of our sisters who may be experiencing sadness on this day.  My prayer is that God will fill all women with just what they need to feel loved and loving on Mother’s Day.  May losses be grieved honorably but not given a focus of defining life.  May God bring us peace of heart and mind as we find joy amongst the sadness and love in all of our relationships.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of my sisters!