Alone For The Holiday

Happy Independence Day! I am sitting in my living room watching the news, reading Facebook and drinking my morning cup of joe.  It has been a good weekend!  I shared dinner with my good friend and her husband Friday night.  Saturday was spent cleaning my garage.  Sunday morning was spent worshiping and then finishing upContinue reading “Alone For The Holiday”

Avoiding Holiday Stress

“My prayer today and throughout this holiday season is that I may approach all of my relationships (even with strangers) as you would want me to, with love. Please help me be more patient, kind, humble, polite, compromising, tolerant, even-tempered, forgiving, justice seeking, honest, perseverant, faithful, hopeful and tolerant.”

Domestic Violence 101

‘We as a society must learn about the controlling and manipulative behaviors of abusers. The impact and damage abuse can have on the heart of those victimized is real and profound. Join me in standing up to say, “No more!”‘

Thoughts on love…

Sometimes it seems as if love is elusive – a ‘feeling’ which is held just beyond reach.

Managing Holiday Stress

“Make sure you are bringing your loving self to every relationship (even with strangers) this holiday season.”

God Is There Before Me

 I feel no pain, there is only peace.  Then why am I so afraid to be vulnerable? To know peace is to understand that I am safe on this journey. Yet, to know that the door to my soul has been opened leaves me exposed and afraid.   To open up – to discuss – to exposeContinue reading “God Is There Before Me”