Alone For The Holiday

Happy Independence Day! I am sitting in my living room watching the news, reading Facebook and drinking my morning cup of joe.  It has been a good weekend!  I shared dinner with my good friend and her husband Friday night.  Saturday was spent cleaning my garage.  Sunday morning was spent worshiping and then finishing upContinue reading “Alone For The Holiday”

May All Your Dreams Come True

“We can either live to get the good we think we need or we live to enjoy the good we’ve already been given.”

The Gifts Of Beauty In Your Day

“It is important to develop some honesty when looking at what is going on around you. Take an honest look and take it in. The reality of our fallen world is heavy. But don’t stop there. I challenge you to look deeper – for the beauty.”

Steps to Forgiveness

Forgiveness is often times a difficult task for people to accomplish.  With his work on how to forgive, Dr. Fredric Luskin has defined nine steps to help you with your journey of forgiveness.  His website also shares other insight on the concept of forgiveness and how to let go of hurt and pain.  I pray thisContinue reading “Steps to Forgiveness”

God does provide…

Good morning and Merry Christmas.  I received an email from a client who was struggling with many of the hurts that holiday expectations can bring to the surface.  She asked if I had any words of encouragement for her before Christmas arrived…any thoughts that I could share that might help her get through the holidayContinue reading “God does provide…”

Managing Holiday Stress

“Make sure you are bringing your loving self to every relationship (even with strangers) this holiday season.”


God’s unconditional love defines you and His grace, through the death and resurrection of Jesus, allows your repentant heart to be “good enough” in spite of your brokenness.