Am I Co-Dependent?

“One of the most commonly identifiable behaviors/attitudes in co-dependency is that of trying to control our environment (namely relationships) to satisfy our deep need of wanting to be loved.”

What Is Co-Dependency?

Co-dependency is an increasingly popular and often times misunderstood term. It’s use originated to help health care professionals describe the behavior patterns of those individuals or families involved in relationships with people addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. It has been commonly used to describe the “walking on eggshells” behavior pattern of people in those dysfunctional relationships.Continue reading “What Is Co-Dependency?”

Growing Beyond Co-Dependency

“The best we can hope for and actually what we should be striving toward, is being true to who we are in our hearts. That doesn’t mean to be blindly accepting of our behaviors (both good and bad). But rather to live true to our values, skills, personality, and all those gifts that enrich our personhood. We need to discover, learn and grow in who we are.”