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Journaling for Health and History – Jackie Joens
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Journaling for Health and History

A friend of mine, Janet Powell, teaches classes on journaling.  She recently sent me an email with some helpful ideas for journaling while social distancing and isolating.  

If you think about it, someday our children or grandchildren or great-grandchildren may learn a lot about this moment in time from our journaling efforts.  This is a tragic part of life which we are living real time.  We maybe the voice for future generations to understand what this time is like.  Maybe passing on some valuable lessons in some way.

This suggestion brought to my mind The Diary of Anne Frank.  That little diary written by a young girl helped educate so many about the horrors of the Holocaust and what it was like to live in hiding.  Although this time is different in so many ways, we have yet to understand what impact a pandemic may have on our lives.  By keeping a journal, we can sort through our feelings, help our own mental health and at the same time, make a record of what seems to be our new normal for now.  We, much like Anne, can sort through the trials of this social distancing time and keep record of current life.  Be safe and take care!  Jackie


The following is from Janet…

 I haven’t journaled for a long time and last night decided to begin a coronavirus journal. Will be interesting to look back on this time.

Some things to journal about:

  • conversations you’re hearing or having
  • things on the news nationally, internationally, locally
  • how it’s affecting work/school/hobbies
  • where you’re going or not going
  • what safety practices are you observing
  • things you’re buying/not buying (lists)
  • concerns about family and friends
  • feelings: good, bad, ugly…how is this all impacting your sense of wellbeing
  • what are your prayers/hopes/dreams
  • how you’re spending your time
  • 3 (or more) things you’re grateful – even in a time of such challenges
  • businesses that are closing that you frequent – what are you doing
  • any other cancellations that have an impact on you or your loved ones
  • how is all of this social distancing impacting your social life


Entries don’t have to be long. Try bullet lists or one sentence entries to record your day. 

 If you don’t have a notebook, penzu.com is my favorite online journal.

In no way am I saying to simmer in negativity or worries, but data exists that writing down your thoughts and expressing yourself is healthy. Let’s get through this with more love for one another.

 Seize the J!



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